About Kore Kulture

KoreKulture.com was founded in 2012, initially as the personal blog of its founder, Karen Lee, and occupying the domain at CadenCharles.net. Karen is a seasoned technologist, a digital content marketer and a zealous writer, who is also extremely passionate about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Karen’s fashion agency, Robe de Princesse (RDP), brought fashion designers, such as George Spyrou, Collette Dinnigan, and Wayne Cooper, and a renewed interest in Australian fashion to Singapore.

RDP was also instrumental in bringing Collette Dinnigan, one of Australia’s most iconic fashion designers, to Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) in 2013 with sponsorship from Westpac Bank and the strong support from the team at AFF.

KoreKulture.com strives to deliver the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle news, videos and tutorial clips, real-time social media updates, on-ground events and strategic partnerships with brands and social influencers.

With the inclusion of new contributing writers, KoreKulture.com will also feature the latest content and coverage on photography, technology, fitness and not forgetting dishing out and delivering relevant family and parenting topics.

LIFE is what you make out of it.
You can’t live a positive LIFE with a negative mind.

Happy Reading, Happy Liviing
Cheers from The Kore Kulture Team


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