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Baby Boom In the La La Land

When I saw an article on In Touch magazine about Jessica Simpson lamenting that “I never thought motherhood was going to be so hard”, and I quote from the magazine that hours after having her daughter, Jessica passed over the bub to her caring fiance, Eric Johnson, who perhaps can’t wait to share her billion-dollar empire. Jessica, please have an iron-clad prenup in case the worst happens.

I don’t think Jessica really wanted a daughter. She was preparing for her wedding when she was caught being pregnant. She ate non-stop during the pregnancy and right after birth, she signed a US$ 3million contract with Weight watchers to lose her baby weight. I can’t help but think she is using this unexpected pregnancy to gain more status as a more mature actress and also to get endorsement contracts from Weightwatches, etc. And now Jessica is saying she is going to do a maternity line. Really? What does she know being a mother? Her sister Ashley Simpson was in her same shoes, caught getting pregnant, got married and got divorce in a couple of years.

Hollywood is so huge in terms of media and entertainment and the powerful effect it has on kids and teens who are equally curious and inquistive. They like to imitate or emulate their favourite artistes without knowin the perils behind blind imitation. The teen learn to use prescription drugs to get high and party till they drop with loads of alcohol. Besides these teens, I can’t help but sympathize with all the Hollywood kids, who have parents who are never around because they have to on a red carpet and their main caregiver is probably their nanny who costs close to US$500 per hour.

The uproar in parenthood is most familiar with the Bradgelina family. Brad Pitt who is forever the nice guy and quiet partner, always gives in to Angelina Jolie, who has a warped childhood and 3 failed marriages. She acts as the humanitarian saint who goes to poor countries to adopt a pack of kids, when she has 3 of her own whom she has never been seen playing with them. They spent so much on nannies and bodyguards that the bill could easily be US$3 million a month. Although I follow the Hollywood scene quite closely, I am no longer sure where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are schooling their kids. Is it in France, New York ,London or Los Angeles? Are they learning? Does the eldest know his English, Math and Science?

I can’t blame these A-listers because being another person is really hard work, but you should know your boundaries and limits and give others a chance at parenthood by adopting the kids whom you never really wanted to adopt, unless it’s just to gain publicity. On the contrary, there are a few superb Hollywood actresses who are really great mothers. They are Meryl Streep,  Kim Basinger, Katherine Heigl and the fabulous Jessica Alba. They try their best to shun their kids from the Hollywood menace and put their kids in normal schools and providing them with the normal growing environment that every child should have and I salute them for that.

Recently, I just found out that Jessica Alba started The Honest Company which creates and produce baby care products with Christopher Gavigan, M.D, so that children will be taken care of by using products that are eco-friendly and free from harsh chemicals so that they can grow happily and healthily.

I am also happy for Charlize Therone and Sandra Bullock who have turned to adoption to fulfill their mother instincts. They are seen in many pictures holding their adopted child tightly and playing with them. We can also see that these mothers are turning down acting and endorsement roles so that they can have more time to keep their children company. Children who are adopted by these parents will grow up normally and be protected from Hollywood La La syndrome as I call it.

There were also reports that Tom Cruise’s adopted daugther with Nicole Kidman, has been living in very poor and destitute conditions as compared to her sibling Suri Cruise, who lives like a Princess in a Castle. When La La Land parents get divorced, I wonder if the children they have adopted together, still receive the same kind of attention and care from them. I have to ask because they are not their biological children, so when they have their own biological children, are their adopted ones being cast aside. Somehow I have this niggling feeling that Hollywood is all about material and looks and nothing else. Nothing is real in Hollywood and I am so sad for the children who have to be entwined in such a crazy and deranged environment. I just hope Hollywood mothers will think of their children first before they make any irrational or kooky decisions.

Now I am wondering how Britney Spears and her teen mom sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, are doing. Many teens were disappointed with the contrast between Jamie Lynn Spears’s on screen personality as a “good girl” and her real life pregnancy. Additional controversy surfaced because Spears was two years below the California age of consent, raising questions about her and the baby’s father Casey Aldridge’s age difference, and whether Aldridge could or would be charged with statutory rape (although Spears was neither from California nor living there). It was later confirmed that Aldridge was just under two years older than Spears, which meant that he could be charged only with a misdemeanor under the California law, since the crime is only charged as a felony if the two people having sex are at least three years apart in age.

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to their daughter, Maddie Briann Aldridge, on June 19, 2008, at Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in McComb. The OK! magazine reportedly paid one million dollars for the first baby pictures for their July 10, 2008 issue. This crazy magazine which I am a fan of, is encouraging teenage pregnancies in Hollywood by paying good money for baby pictures from a warped union. Editors, you should know better than to encourage teen pregnancy.

It gets more bizarre when absurd MTV producers took teenage pregnancy to a higher level and made it into a reality show. The Teen Mom reality show chronicles the lives of four girls aged 16 and pregnant. The series depicts how they navigate their first year of motherhood. On top of being a mother, the series focuses on the themes of their changing relationships between family, friends, and boys, while highlighting the struggles teenage mothers have to go through to raise their children. Are these just all for ratings? No wonder Dr Amy Chua got the impetus to write her parenting memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. There is just too much of Hollywood, too much of press and too much of attention that we place on them. Maybe we should take more attention away from Hollywood and Madonna won’t have to exercise so much or still dress in those pointed cone bras. I just wanted to laugh because its so hilarious. I can’t but imagine my mom in those cone pointed bras when she was 50 years old. Hahhahahaha…….



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