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Benefits of Using Lavender For Moms and Babies

Lavender is one of the most useful and frequently used herb for its aromatic scent and healing properties. Lavender has a gentle aroma which brings a sense of comfort, calm and peace to the majority of people whom have come into contact with the herb.

Lavender’s calm and soothing scent is extremely useful for new moms and their babies especially during the first few months when sleepless nights are most common.

Before sleep, new moms can take a bath with a body wash enriched with lavender essential oil to alleviate any stress which they have felt throughout the day. Moms can also bathe their baby with a natural body wash infused with the goodness of lavender essential oils. Babies who are agitated and unable to sleep throughout the night respond especially well if given a warm bath before sleep with a natural body wash infused with lavender.

Resparkle Australia is a company which has extensive and thorough knowledge of using natural herbs and essential oils in their body products. They have recently launched a natural and luxurious botanical body wash enriched with jojoba and lavender essential oils to deeply cleanse the skin and also provide a calming effect to moms and babies.

The luxurious botanical natural body wash with lavender can be used for the whole family, especially on babies, children and adults with sensitive skin. However, for premature and newborn babies, it would be better to use an unscented body wash until the baby gets older (3 months and above). You can try Aromababy’s Pure Baby Wash (150ml) specially formulated for premature and newborn babies. It is best used with Pure Baby Moisture Cream.

Pregnant moms can take a relaxing bath with Resparkle’s Natural Body Wash infused with lavender oil before birth to calm nerves, to relieve pain and prep for labour. Some moms-to-be might want to use a lavender essential oil during birth to relieve pain and calm nerves, but it would be better to check with your obstetrician before you use the lavender essential oil during birth.

Resparkle’s Natural Body Wash with Lavender comes in 500ml bottle which retails at S$19.90 per bottle and a one-litre refill pack which retails at S$29.90. Other ingredients of the Resparkle Natural Body Wash with Lavender include natural white grapefruit and ginger. Studies have shown that taking ginger could reduce nausea and vomiting in some pregnant women. However, we do not recommend pregnant women ingesting ginger during pregnancy especially in large doses.

To purchase Resparkle’s Natural Body Wash in Lavender, you can pop-by to Tangs and Motherswork to get a bottle of the Natural Body Wash with Lavender and its refill pack. You can also purchase the products via our online store at

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