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Yes, I have decided to set up a Blog Shop just to share with parents items which I like and have overstocked or a really good item that I want every parent and kid to have. The products are definitely from authentic, new and have their tags with them. They might be from US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China or even Singapore. Who knows because everyday someone is creating and coming up with fabulous products for babies and kids and they claim their products are the best and endorsed by world-renowned physicians or Medical Bodies. I won’t be sure of the product until I have tried and tested the products on my 2 sons. Seeing is believing and until you have tested, tried and proven that product suits your kids, then you should buy the particular product all the time and share your product knowledge with friends who have kids too. To share with all parents, TollyJoy is a very good Singaporean Mother and Baby Brand. It was established in Singapore since 1971 and I proudly use their Baby Wipes and also their Baby Laundry Detergent. They are affordable and good.

There are so many avenues to entice a parent to buy a product with all the print and social media advertisements, but I believe it is your responsibility as a parent to go to forums, learn from other experienced parents and listen to your pediatrician. Most importantly, learn from your kid because he or she knows what he or she likes and wants. Yes, as parents, we are the providers and our kids should listen to us but if you listen to them, you will find that it is much easier to coax your kid and both of you will be happy.

I have seen parents trying to enforce certain teaching techniques which they may have picked up from parenting books but I have tried it with my first kid and books don’t work on him. Babies and kids are individuals with their own temper and character so it is us as parents who should bond with their temper and character. And because they are our children, we should not try to mold them into something we expect or want but we should encourage them to further their potential in sports, in music, in writing or whatever they are good at. If I write too much here, I will be jumping straight into another post on “How To Raise The Smartest Kid?”, but I am just trying to tell you I have a Blog Shop, plain and simple.

One stark example was that I bought 2 organic Heinz products for Charles the other day. I thought that Charles liked the Apricot with Sweet Pear formula so I bought extra and 1 bottle of Banana with Mango for him to try. It turned out that Charles hated the Apricot with Pear and would cry if the helper gave it to him but he had no problem at all with the Banana and Mango formula, and always asking for more. So now, I know he loves bananas and I always buy the Gerber Banana for him.

Babies and kids are super clever these days and they will tell you directly and honestly that they do or do not like the product. My 3 year Caden will brand the manufacturer as “STUPID” if he didn’t like the toy. I have 2 hamsters at home for me to test so I am okay to introduce great products after tested and tried on live human beings to recommend on my Blog Shop, so stay tuned.

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