Brow Enliven Treatment by Highbrow

I have been looking for an excellent eyebrow embroidery salon to do a touch up for my eyebrows. I have done traditional eyebrow embroidery a few years ago and wanted to do a touch up. I called up a few eyebrow embroidery salons and got a few quotations. One day after a meeting at Capitol Piazzza, I walked around the premises and chanced upon Highbrow Salon.

I went into the Salon and asked the receptionist if they did eyebrow touch-up services, she said that they did and quoted me different packages. I asked her if I could speak with their manager to understand more about their eyebrow embroidery treatment program and the receptionist connected me with Cynthia who is the owner of Highbrow Salon.

I communicated with Cynthia over messages and I was convinced that Brow Enliven, Highbrow’s signature eyebrow embroidery treatment program was exactly what I needed. I made an appointment with Cynthia to have my eyebrows done at one of her 3 outlets at Capitol Piazza.

Cynthia arranged for Andy, the Creative Director for Highbrow, to assist with the touch-up of my eyebrows using their Brow Enliven treatment program which is an in-house created brow enhancing treatment program.

Andy examined my eyebrows and he found that my eyebrows were uneven and unequal probably caused by the eyebrow embroidery which I had done previously. Andy told me that even though I did not want to change the shape of my eyebrows, they should be thicker, fuller and he would re-balance the uneven height of my eyebrows.

The treatment was painless because Andy put a layer of numbing cream and waited for approximately 30 minutes before he started crafting my eyebrows. The brows turned out to be natural, fuller and I looked much better after the Brow Enliven treatment! Younger of course! It is important to note that Brow Enliven treatment touches only the epidermis of the skin which is the surface epithelium of the skin so that the inner layer of the skin is not hurt at all.

Before & After Brow Enliven Treatment

Highbrow’s Brow Enliven is a long-lasting eyebrow treatment which aims to produce more natural and more definitive eyebrows. If the eyebrows on K-pop stars are what you are yearning after, then you should try out the Brow Enliven treatment!

Depending on the individual’s choice of colour, shape, and after care, the Brow Enliven treatment can last 6 to 9 months for the first session, with a touch up within 6 months from first session. Based on each individual’s skin condition, the whole treatment can last from 1.5 year to 2 years.

Besides Brow Enliven, Highbrow also provides other popular treatment services such as lash curl which I did with High Brow, lash extension, eyeliner treatment which enhances and bring more focus to your eyes, waxing services and facial services.

Highbrow has 3 outlets located at Capitol Piazza, The Star Vista and Parkway Parade. You can visit their website at to learn more about their services and you can also make an appointment for brow, lash enhancement and of course facial services online.  I am definitely going back for my eyebrow touch-up and of course, for my lash curl!

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