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Charles Down with Fever

I was sick with viral infection for 2 weeks in the past month. I used 3-ply surgical masks so that I do not spread the germs in the household. I had 2 courses of antibiotics before I was finally well after two weeks, not to mention that I missed my Genting Trip with my husband Mark and Caden. I told them to go without me. After 2 weeks of wearing surgical masks, I decided to remove the masks as I was feeling much better. My kids whom I have been avoiding during this period became close to again as I shower them with Hugs and Kisses. After a few days, Charles came down with fever. Although the fever of low grade, we were worried and I took him to see his favourite paed Dr Ang. She tested his blood and said that he was down with a virus, probably from me. Gees, I felt so lousy again. All I wanted was to carry Charles and kiss him, and I never knew the bug would be passed to him as I was feeling much better. After leaving the clinic, I began to feed Charles with Panadol 4 hourly and Ibufen 6 hourly. The night feeds were terrible and I had to get up and made sure my helper gave him the medicine and measured his temperature. The worst thing was he refused his Friso and Neslac cereal and did not want to eat at all. So I fed him with Plum Organic Baby Food (Just Bananas) and he loved it.

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