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Charles with Fever Rash

Due to a viral infection from me, Charles had fever for about 3 days and 2 nights. Finally his temperature came down after the third day to a normal temperature and boy was I glad that he finally recovered. However, the next morning he was covered with measles-like rashes. I asked my mom, The Nurse and she said that it was just fever rash and nothing to worry. But the fair-skinned Charles had his face and body covered in rashes and it pains me to see his once fair-skin covered with red patches. “Well, you will just have to wait for the rash to disappear.” said the Nurse.

But I was eager to get back my fair-skinned and handsome son so I tried a new product from my most trusted brand Baby Sebamed. After Charles’ shower, I used the Baby Sebamed Baby Cream all over his body including face area. The next morning, miraculously, the rashes subsided.

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