I Finally Went Under The Knife!

It took me 2 long years to make a decision to go for cosmetic surgery because I really cannot stand the look of myself with all the extra weight which I have gained from my pregnancy. I tried to eat sensibly and exercise regularly but my weight remained very much the same.

I started losing my self-esteem and refrained from taking many pictures with my kids. After 2 years of emailing and phone correspondence with Dr Kim Byung Gun and his staff from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea, I decided to undergo a tummy tuck and inner thigh liposuction to lose the excessive weight which I have gained from pregnancy.

My husband was amazing and he was so supportive of my decision. Although he felt that I did not need to go under the knife, he could feel my pain because I was constantly asking him about the loose skin on my tummy and if I was fat. Before birth, I had a very taut and flat tummy and would wear tight dresses with pride.

I chose to undergo the procedure in Korea because after 2 long years, Dr Kim has become a friend and an adviser. The costs were also much cheaper in Korea. I sent pictures of my problem areas to him and he would give me feedback and advice. Dr Kim did not want me to undergo too many surgeries at once but to recover first because he felt that my health was the most important thing.

Incidentally, Dr Kim is also a permanent resident in Singapore. So, with my husband’s financial and moral support and Dr Kim’s medical expertise and advice, I packed my bags and headed to Korea for my first cosmetic surgery.

We arrived in Korea on 23 May to have a consultation and medical check-up at the hospital prior to the surgery. They took blood tests and Dr Kim ran through details of the cosmetic surgeries which I would be having. After the consultation, I felt more confident, less worried and more reassured.

On the day of my plastic surgery, my husband prepared me and we arrived at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital at 9am for pre-op preparations. I fasted since 12am because no food or drink was allowed 8 hours prior to the surgery.

After a simple registration at the reception counter, I was led to a consultation room for another further consultation with Dr Kim before the surgery. After my consultation, the nurses told me to change into a gown and I was wheeled into the operating theatre.

My English Consultant, Seon, was with me the whole time and she explained to me in English the procedures which I would be undertaking. I felt very nervous with so many nurses in the operating theatre and my husband was not allowed to keep me company. It felt as if I was going to have another C-section again. Seon introduced me to the anaesthesiologist. A few moments later, I was given anaesthesia and was completely knocked out.

When I regained my consciousness, I was pushed to into a VIP guest room and told to rest for the night. I asked the nurse what time it was and she replied that it was already 9pm. I was unconscious for nearly for 10 hours.

Fortunately, I managed to call my husband and told him to come to the hospital straightaway. As the hotel we stayed in was only 3 minutes away by taxi, my husband came almost immediately.

With his presence and much needed help, I felt better and more relaxed. My husband told me that I was in surgery for about 3 to 4 hours. I was surprised because I did not know the surgery went on for so long. We talked for a little while and since both of us were exhausted, we settled in and got some rest.

The first learning point to note is that if you are going for cosmetic surgery in Korea, it will be good to have a companion who can look after you post-surgery. For the first few days after surgery, you will have problems moving around and the pain can be intense. Therefore, if you have someone to take care of you, you will definitely feel more at ease and the support given will have a positive effect on your recovery. I must thank my husband for his incessant support, help and the immense care which he rendered during the trip.

The nurses at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital were excellent. The Head Nurse took great care of me. She ordered Samgyetang or Korean Chicken Soup which comprise of a whole young chicken, stuffed rice and Korean ginseng. She wanted me to regain my energy and increase my body’s immunity system after a major surgery. She also wanted me to think positively so that I could recover faster with positive thoughts. In addition, I was also given a lot of fluids and the best fluid I felt was still Pocari!

Dr Kim came back to check on me the next day and I told him that I wanted to move back to the hotel to get some rest. I told him that I was unable to sleep in the hospital and the lack of sleep would deter my recovery process. Of course, he wanted me to stay in the hospital  with nurses around to help out if I had dizzy spells from the anaesthesia, but we reassured him that we would rush back to the hospital should anything happen since the hotel was only 3 minutes away by taxi. They allowed me to move back to the hotel after I signed a release form.

Another learning point is to book a hotel which is very close by to the plastic surgery hospital where you are going to have your surgery and remember to book a very comfortable hotel room so that you can recover in comfort. Remember to drink a lot of Korean chicken soup and take adequate fluids to recover faster. I had about 4 big bowls of Korean chicken soup and by the 3rd day after the surgery, I felt strong enough to move around without any help.

I flew back to Singapore on the 5th day after the surgery. My husband upgraded our seats to business class and he also arranged for a wheelchair at Incheon and Changi airport. If you intend to have cosmetic surgery in Korea, please make sure that you have ample time to stay in Korea for post-surgery care before your flight home. I went against the doctor’s advice to stay in Korea for post-surgery care because my first son was running a very high fever and all I wanted was to come home to be with him.

This is the 8th week after my cosmetic surgery. I feel more confident and definitely much happier. I have dropped a dress size. More importantly, I am trying to eat sensibly, exercise regularly and keep a healthy routine. The final effect of the cosmetic surgery will be seen 3 to 6 months post-surgery and I cannot wait to drop another dress size!

Dr Kim
Dr Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Gangnam-Gu in Seoul, Korea
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Gangnam-Gu in Seoul, Korea
My consulation with Dr Kim the day before the Cosmetic Surgery
My consulation with Dr Kim the day before the Cosmetic Surgery
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