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iiamo go – Providing Parents With Comfort and Convenience

iiamo go is an exceptional self-warming baby feeding bottle designed by world renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid. The 2-in-1 baby bottle provides comfort and convenience to parents. The multi-award winner iiamo go is the world’s first baby bottle that warms milk up to the recommended 37°C (body temperature) in about 4 minutes, without the use of electricity. This is decisive innovative characteristic of iiamo go, no more cords and limitations for parents on the go!

With iiamo go, parents can properly feed their baby with nice warm milk, anywhere, anytime! iiamo go  heats the milk using a disposable cartridge which contains just water and dehydrated salt. Heat is generated when the water rehydrates the salt. The biggest advantages of iiamo go are that the bottle is easy to usewarm up milk in 4 minutes without electricitysafe to use on board a plane and quick-fix for the parents who are always on the go. It is so easy to bring your baby out with iiamo go and 2 sticks of the heating cartridge.

The heating process is very simple. Pour the milk of your choice whether it is breast milk or formula milk in the bottle, insert the heating cartridge in the bottom of the bottle and then just turn the trigger hard to activate it the heating cartridge and after a few minutes you can serve nice warm milk to your baby. Remember to shake the bottle during heating process for about 30 seconds to mix the salt and water.

iamo go can be disassembled completely making it very easy to clean. You don’t even need to use a baby bottle cleaning brush to clean iiamo go. You can also dissemble iiamo go and wash different parts of the bottle in the dishwasher.  The modular design also offers other advantagesIf you want to use the iiamo go as a conventional baby bottle, the iiamo go 2-in-1 self-warming set comes with a flat bottom. Simply remove the heating chamber and trigger for easy and comfortable use when at home. Secure the base with the flat bottom and this will increase the space in the bottle to 380ml. This allows iiamo go to be a conventional baby bottle with a huge capacity.

According to Karim Rashid “Feeding a baby is a warm, intimate moment between parent and child. The bottle enables that human connection. Though a very functional product, a baby bottle doesn’t need to be a strictly functional. Emotional and aesthetic appeal must be considered too. Children love reflective shiny colorful surfaces and materials – I do too – maybe I am still a child. So it was time to make a baby bottle a wild interesting sculptural colourful animated object so the baby actually gets excited about being fed.”

iiamo is more than a unique baby bottle for use anywhere, anytime and for life. It also has a range of baby care products which are highly convenient, functional and practical and designed exclusively by Karim Rashid. iiamo’s first product extensions, iiamo peace and iiamo string, were launched in 2012.

Iiamo products are currently selling at Tangs, 1010 Mother & Child Essential stores,, and

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