Kala Club: You’ve Got (Fe)Male!

Kala Club is back on the circuit, this time leading the way for a special Valentine’s Day party. A Valentine’s Day party you ask? Isn’t it full of grand gestures, roses, champagne, and romancing? Not this time! Aimed at the singletons in Singapore, ‘You’ve Got (Fe)Male’, is essentially a fun-filled way to get out of the “feeling left out” rut most singles experience during this loved-up day.

P1010781New identities for the night – in the form of stickers!

Hosted at Café Gavroche (66 Tras St), nestled amongst the shophouses on the trendy street, Kala Club plays cupid to guests. An intimate space with dim lighting and traditional French bistro décor, it was large enough to handle the influx of singles, but narrow so as to keep everyone within eyesight and shoulder bumps to each other. A perfect venue for those who need a little push to go chat up that person without lurking in the dark. In short, it is a party to meet others and mingle, while having a bit of cheeky fun with writing anonymous (or not, for the daring few) notes to those whom you find attractive. The anonymity makes it easier to gather the courage to say ‘hello’ to that cutie you’ve been locking eyes with across the bar.

P1010782The bar all prepped to give out Love Potions

Upon entry, everyone is handed a drink coupon, which can be traded in for house wines and beers, and a ‘Love Potion’ coupon that is exclusively used by a person of the opposite sex. There are stickers galore with cartoons and fictitious characters emblazoned upon them to make finding that special one that much quirkier. This also helps when writing notes as each guest’s dedicated envelope is stuck to a notice board at the back of the restaurant. It eliminates having to actually talk to the person and lends an air of quiet mystery, followed by flattery.

Although the gender ratio proved to be somewhat of a problem initially, everyone had a great time mingling and writing notes to each other, albeit some funny ones sent from friend to friend. Once you go down the path and send your first note on your way, you know you can’t stop there. The sheer anonymity removes inhibitions and compliments were pouring just as easily as the wine. The crowd was an international mix of both locals and expats – making for interesting and varied conversation.

P1010783Everyone mingling and having a good time

The drinks were kept simple, with most opting for beers and house wines. Café Gavroche has a classic selection of predominantly French wines of great quality for your money’s worth. Alongside the booze, bar bites were handed out. This consisted mainly of chicken salad and salmon spreads atop freshly toasted bread. It proved to be a tasty addition to aid the imbibing of the wines. 

1796586_608750215859834_694291730_nCheeky notes being passed around – photo courtesy of Kala Club

As the night wiled away, people were talking and introducing themselves to new potential dalliances. It all ended in a lucky draw for two people who have (hopefully) met their match for a chance to win a dinner date on the house! Tune in and follow Kala Club’s Facebook page at: to find out which lucky couple will get to feast on some classy French fare and continue their romance.

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