Korean Streetwear Brands To Have In Your Wardrobe

Once worn mainly by skater kids, streetwear has made its foray into luxury fashion. Sneakers and hoodies are now familiar fixtures on Seoul Fashion Week. Streetwear allows the wearer to don clothes comfortably without comprising on appearance, style and trend. Korean streetwear typically has high-impact logos on everything from clothing, bags, caps and hats and sometimes these logos are replaced with social impactful messages to promote freedom of expression and individualism. Here are some recommendations of a few Korean Streetwear labels created with comfort and style.


The top Korean streetwear fashion brand would be ADER. The streetwear brand was founded in 2014 and focused on fashion and simplicity. They used impactful colours on their oversized clothing. The streetwear brand also offers a bag collection with leading-edge and innovative designs. The streetwear brand launches two collections a year and the collections are all produced in Korea. As the brand release limited designs and pieces for each launch, it makes them a collectible fashion item amongst streetwear lovers.  For the past years, the brand has collaborated with brands such as Puma, Maison Kitsune, and G-Shock.

Fila Korea

Fila is one of the pioneers of streetwear fashion in Korea. Originally founded in Italy in 1911, the brand was sold to US-based Sports Brand International in 2003 and subsequently acquired by Fila Korea in 2007. Fila is a well-known clothing brand and available in many countries. However, since its headquarters is in Seoul, Fila Korea produces more exclusive and seasonal designs in Korea. In addition, they also offer a larger range of clothing and shoes and the merchandise are cheaper in Korea! Super international boyband BTS is also the global brand ambassadors for Fila. With the strategic partnership, BTS adorns Fila clothing including accessories and shoes globally.


Rapid growing Korean street fashion brand, ADLV, is making a name for itself globally. ADLV is the short form for the French saying, Acme De La Vie. While the fashion label is Korean, the terms Acme De La Vie are French. It represents “The Pinnacle Of Life.” ADLV’s design approach is to make use of trending fashion concepts found in streetwear clothing. They focus on oversized T-shirts to give the wearer maximum comfort and relaxation. The response to ADLV’s over-sized t-shirts is sensational. Twice, who debuted in 2015 under JYP Entertainment is one of the most influential Kpop girl groups comprising of nine female singers and they have been the brand ambassadors for ADLV since 2020. By collaborating with Twice, ADLV has seen soaring merchandising sales.


Thisisneverthat is aiming to be the Supreme of South Korea. The brand’s rise to success was nothing but mediocre and they had a breakthrough in the fashion scene when BTS’s Jungkook wore one of the brand’s shirts in a music video in 2016. The brand was also popular among Korean rappers such as Mad Clown, MC Meta, and Giriboy and with the rappers donning the streetwear brand during their stage appearances, the brand became notable and established a strong following in Korea’s underground music scene. In a short period of time, they became one of the hottest up-and-coming fashion brands in Korea. Even the hit Korean Drama “Itaewon Class” also showcased several of the brand’s designs. Since its inception, the brand had collaborated with global brands such as Reebok, Vans, Puma, and Starter Black Label.

87MM Seoul

Another noteworthy and successful Korean Streetwear brand is 87MM Seoul. The brand was founded by 3 fashion models in Korea who were all born in the year 1987. They launched the brand in 2013 and became extremely popular with Korean university students as the flagship store is located near Hongdae University.  The designs are young and sporty. The brand also pays great attention to detail. Some of their top-selling merchandise include their candy-colored sweatshirts, oversized coats, and their sporty windbreakers. The brand has also been worn by Korean celebrities such as Park Bo-gum and Nam Joo-hyuk.

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