Morality in Society (Second Episode)

The Law Professor in my previous post has been named and charged in Court yesterday for six counts of corruptly accepting sex gratification from a student in 2010. The Law Professor embroiled in this sex crime is Tey Tsun Hang (“Tey”). Apparently, the female student involved, Darrine Ko Wen Hui (“Darrine Ko”), had given Tey gifts and sex in exchange for better grades. Darrine Ko graduated last month and is currently a summer associate in a New York Law Firm but calls to reach her at the New York Law Firm and also her Singapore mobile phone, were unanswered.

As for Tey, he is a Malaysian and no roots in Singapore. Tey is also married with a teenage daughter. I hope his daughter doesn’t read about his corruption case, otherwise she would be so petrified and mortified. Tey had slept with a college girl not much older than his own daughter, so what was he thinking then?! Pure excitement?!!! In court, Tey also mentioned that the bail set at S$100,000 was extensive and phenomenal. He should have thought about it when he pulled his pants down in front of Darrine Ko in 2010. Tey even had the cheek to mention to Court that he is not a flight risk because his immediate family and daughter are in Singapore. So when he saw the undressed Darrine, did it occur to him that his family and daughter would be extremely affected and ashamed by his actions. How can you not be a flight risk when you are not even holding a Singapore passport and hoping to fulfill your teaching hours at the University of Hong Kong?

Tey is the one who brought shame to his family and also the Law Society, and to think that he even wants to accept a summer teaching post at the University of Hong Kong, makes the whole sex act even more distasteful. He should be ashamed and hide at home in a hole instead of showing up in Court and saying that he would vindicate himself. My goodness, I am not sure how a trained and experienced lawyer can be so foolish! You had sex, and you gave your student good grades in exchange for it and you get punished. It is just this simple. There is no avenue or spatial space for vindication or exoneration. He should punished and ought to be punished doubly than the man on the street because being a Law Professor, he should know better than any one of us about the consequences to act against the Code of Professional Conduct which should be upheld as a lecturer and also as a lawyer. Doesn’t he ever on go the Law Society website and read about Legal Ethics?

I really hope this saga does not hurt his teenage daughter whom I am the most worried about and that she must be strong enough to withstand such an awful episode. And the person who is his wife, must be really embarrassed to have such a husband. I bet when she married him, she thought she could live happily ever after. Well, think again. I won’t know what to do if my husband cheats on me with his student half of my age. The nucleus called family has been disrupted and would disintegrate sooner or later because of this saga and episode of cheating, corruption and unethical behavior. The pillar of trust in a family unit has crumbled and unless you are Hilary Clinton, the divorce papers will be served on Tey sooner than later.

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