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My Shoes Ain’t Nike But They Are Still Nice

I have been going to gym quite regularly 6 weeks after Charles’ birth and everyone from my closest kin to my good friends were astonished and shocked to hear that I was running and doing Group Exercises at Fitnessfirst. My instructors at Fitnessfirst told me to take it slowly. But I was eager to lose the 17kgs which I put on whilst pregnant with Charles. It was a tremendous uphill task and after 5 months, I am still carrying that little paunch. Don’t get me wrong, I am not posting about post-natal exercises which I will a little later.

Today I want to talk about this little push-cart shop called Kini Fashion which I came across after my gym workout at AMK hub (it’s close to where I live). It’s a push-cart which sells all sorts of shoes for adults and kids. I got to know the owner called Kino Tay after I bought 3 pairs of cute shoes from her. They are fairly priced and they come only in a few pieces for each model. I remembered this particular push-cart because I wanted to get a pair of shoes for Charles last week. It was a pair of Doraemon shoes in full leather. Fortunately I did not get it because Charles has big feet and wouldn’t fit the shoes. Being prudent this time, I measured Charles feet size and it’s like 4 and half inches (big feet!).

I went for my regular Group Exercise today and when I came out, it was my first thought to patronize Kini Fashion. I looked at the shoes and decided to buy Charles a pair of brown shoes to match his Old Navy clothes and a pair of slip-ons for going out casually. I also had to make sure that Caden didn’t get jealous, and even though he owned a dozen pair of shoes, I still bought him a cute pair of Doraemon slippers. I asked Kino if I could blog about her shop and she readily agreed. I am not sure about the price of renting and running business with a push cart but I guess being an entrepreneur is Singapore is not easy, given the high inflation rate and escalating rental prices.

With such high costs of doing retail business in Singapore, the rental price of a push-cart could easily costs 4-figure and  given the space constraint, a push-cart peddler would find it difficult to showcase all of their goods on the cart itself. I like Kino’s shop because the shoes are cute, of good quality and the prices are reasonable. I have yet to chat to her about where she gets her goods and why she was into a push-cart business but I am glad that I managed to get 3 pairs of cute shoes for Caden and Charles.

Kini Fashion can be found on the Basement Level of AMK Hub (it’s located just next to the Singtel shop). They sell only shoes.
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