Press Release for Robe de Princesse

[Press Release] Launch of Robe de Princesse (RDP) Fashion Agency

7 Apr 2013, 11:11PM

Robe de Princesse or RDP is a new online concept store that introduces shoppers to an innovative way to buy chic, trendy and fashionable clothing from avant-garde fashion designers, filling a major void for in-vogue, modish and stylish designer wear in the marketplace. RDP is dedicated to providing shoppers with stylish, upscale fashion at astounding reasonable prices.

RDP is also a fashion agency which carries exclusive brands which the firm has signed on to represent in Singapore and other parts of Asia. The inventory of clothing in the E-store will be updated to ensure that consumers get the best fashion collections from the designers which RDP represents.

RDP prides itself as a stalwart fashion agency which brings in the most wearable designs and the most provocative designs as well. You will find all the designer collections on retail online at RDP’s Ecommerce website at which will be launched on 10 April 2013 and also via sales channels which will include easy to access fashion boutiques and retail stores.

“We created RDP as an avenue to continue stimulating the fashion industry in a time when Singapore as a first-world country does not have a first-world fashion collection,” said Karen Lee, Managing Partner of RDP Fashion Agency. “We are committed to making consumers’ lifestyles fun, convenient, enjoyable, and entertaining and we hope to influence the fashion buying trends by bringing in exclusive, voguish and stylish pieces to match the professional ladies and fashionistas who we hope will become our lifelong customers.”

RDP Fashion Agency also provides busy professional and career women, including trend-setters and socialites with fashion tips and advice to update their wardrobe via RDP’s fashion blog online. Our fashion tips will be thoroughly researched and refined to bring only the best advice to our readers and customers.

More importantly, we hope that the blog will be able to assist and help our favourite readers and customers choose appropriate ready-to-wear and glamorous eveningwear with matching brilliant accessories to bring splendour and glow to our readers and customers’ dressing and wardrobe.

For more information about RDP and our online store, kindly proceed to  Please direct all media enquiries to Karen Lee at

RDP Fashion Agency is an agency that represents independent designers and boutiques by offering them state-of-the-art services such as Public Relations, Campaign Management (marketing and ad campaigns), fashion merchandising (selling designers’ collections to boutiques), and other services.


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