Press Release: Review Chronicle Launches On 11th March 2022

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Hyperlocal Digital News Platform 

Review Chronicle Seeks To Connect Readers and Businesses with Informative Articles On The Go

SINGAPORE, 7 March 2022 – White Pixel Creatives Pte. Ltd. (“White Pixel Creatives”) and Kore Kulture SG (“Kore Kulture”) have teamed up to launch a multi-platform media publisher focused on creating hyperlocal content to connect global brands and businesses to the local community on (“Review Chronicle”), which focuses on providing up-to-the-minute, trending and in-vogue content for readers. This Singapore based website will be launching on 11th March 2022.

The team behind Review Chronicle sifts through trending topics online and offline to produce some of the most illuminating, elucidative, and significant news pieces to share with their readers.

Review Chronicle also works with top brands in various categories to introduce curated products and services, providing all the information, material and knowledge readers require through reviews, features and videos. The delightful and engaging articles are organized in categories covering beauty, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, technology, wining, dining and more – with a goal to readers engaged, informed, and entertained for minutes on end.

In addition, Review Chronicle is one of few evergreen digital options for businesses to showcase products and services, communicate their brand stories, as well as reach out to the digital audiences.

Review Chronicle also provides marcomm services for businesses that feature and unveil their work on the platform. The team can execute professional branding campaigns, craft winning press releases and create eye-catching visuals for brands to further promote their businesses.

Our marketing team, who has been in the creative business for a substantial number of years, conceives and produces incredible visuals through creative photography and videography. This content will help businesses effectively attract and engage Review Chronicle’s digital audiences, comprising largely of individuals in their 20s to 40s.

Review Chronicle differentiates itself from its competitors by engaging with readers on every level, through various mediums. The sharing of unbiased opinions, provision of a unique perspective and the production of informative stories are how Review Chronicle wishes to define itself as a publisher.

As we huddle together to get through the pandemic, Review Chronicle provides a unique and relatable new voice and a one-stop digital platform for our readers. To get the most informational and newsy articles each day and keep abreast of what’s happening locally, check out Review Chronicle today.

Review Chronicle can be found at:

For more information on Review Chronicle, kindly contact the team at

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