Review on the Musical Grease at Marina Bay Sands Theatre, Singapore

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The Australian adaptation of London’s West End Musical, Grease, did not disappoint. The movie Grease which debuted in 1978 soon became a Hollywood hit with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the leads for the multi-awards winning movie. The story-line of Grease took place in 1959 around the fictitious Rydell High School, where its main character, Danny Zuko, believed he was the coolest guy in school.  

Australian actor Stephen Mahy portrayed Danny Zuko cleverly as an arrogant, egoistic and cocky high school boy who meets with his sweet love, Sandy, played by Gretal Scarlett during summer holidays. Sandy was the total opposite of Danny. She was the sweet innocent girl-next-door but at the end of the show, Sandy totally transformed herself to into a sexy, racy and provocative character.

Arrogant and notorious Danny Zuko
The arrogant and notorious Danny Zuko


Danny and Sandy In A Raunchy Dance Act
Danny and Sandy In A Raunchy Dance Act

The show was captivating, scintillating and exciting. The audience never knew when the pyrotechnics would come on. The dance choreography was excellent, not to mention the electrifying live band. The costumes and stage props were flashy and dramatic, keeping the audience enticed. The actors and actresses executed their roles near to perfection. Who would have imagined putting a crystal embellished modified 1948 Ford in the middle of the stage!!!

Modified 1948 Ford Embellished With Crystals
Modified 1948 Ford Embellished With Crystals

The audience also reciprocated to Miss Lynch’s light-hearted performance. Her role was brilliantly characterized by Val Lehman who kept engaging with the audience. Val Lehman was hilarious, humorous and she brought much cheer and comedy to the musical. Furthermore, Jason Capewell delighted the audience with his resounding performance as Vince Fontaine. It was just joyous and entertaining to watch him perform.

Our local star, DJ Venetta Lopez was such a tease and she added much gaiety and merry-making to the musical as one of the DJ from WAXX Station. She showed that she had what it took to act in an internationally-acclaimed musical.

Last but not least, the lead actors and the whole cast were brilliant. They sang with their hearts out and they danced in sync. More importantly, we could see their burning passion in their performance.

Passionate Performers
The Passionate Performers


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