Sab Faro: A new and unique jewellery line in Singapore [advertorial]


One of the latest editions to enter the Singapore handcrafted jewellery scene is Sab Faro. Founded by Fel Tan in September 2013, the unique jewellery pieces are exclusive, uncommon and influenced by Tan’s insatiable interest of the world around her, whether it is art, science, music, literature, or even her son.

With a core philosophy of spreading love and light, each creation has a unique story that is influenced by the three people in her life: herself, her son and, her ex-partner. Hence, by combining those three names, Sab Faro (a portmanteau of Sabur, Farlynda, and Marco) was conceived.


Made in a small workshop in Bali, the jewellery is partly inspired by her highly creative son and her mother’s Arab heritage. “Mid-Easterners and Arabs relish gold and so it is part of my culture and heritage to adorn beautiful accessories,” said Tan. She uses metals like silver and brass and finishes them in a gold plate.

Using traditional motifs, especially with the use of gold, Tan updates pieces in order to make them relevant to the modern woman. Not only do they hint at her Arab heritage, the exotic pieces are a reflection of an urban woman who indulges in beautiful creations. There is a certain bohemian elegance to her reworked pieces that stand out in a slick city as much as a hip music festival.

sabfaro2The Lilypad collection

Her current collection showcases the beauty of burnished and pounded gold with her layered discs that create necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Her Middle Eastern influence is especially pronounced in the delicate serpent-like cuff bracelet. Extending from dainty rings, to statement necklaces, and even watches, Tan’s creations are well-rounded and well thought out: it is truly a one-stop shop for any urban woman looking for an elegantly quirky update to their jewellery box. Of special note is her “Lilypad” collection. A range of small lily pads have been layered on top of one another to create a statement piece, whether necklaces, earrings or bracelets.


Definitely the next up-and-coming jewellery designer, Tan has plans to enter trade shows in order to source for buyers and agents who are willing to expand her retail reach and distribute her jewellery. Look out for her next collection, which draws inspiration from the cosmic universe. Aptly named Light and Luna, it is a small collection of statement pieces exclusively designed for retail. You can find her jewellery at GisellaBlu (Raffles City) and her online store:

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