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Starting a baby on solids

A lot of mothers start their children on solids at 6 months but because I have Caden who hate milk, I learnt that it is good to start babies on solids at 4 months and cereal can actually settle babies who have reflux issues. Previously I started Caden on organic cereal, but I thought it’s just a waste of money because he didn’t grow any stronger or bigger on organic cereal. So with Charles, I adopted a “as long as baby likes to eat” methodology. When Charles turned 4 months in April, I went hunting for cereal. In AMK Hub NTUC, I found my answer- FrisoCream Rice Cereal. I was not very sure if Charles liked the cereal so I bought a tin. Friso was clever enough to pack the cereal into a small thin, knowing that babies from 4 months might not take to cereal and it would be a waste of money to buy a big thin. My helper fed Charles with the cereal and he loves it. So I told my helper to give him one meal of cereal a day. But his appetite grew and now it’s 2 cereal feeds a day.

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