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I guess the notion of being your own boss attracts many, but in reality, many people are afraid to make that big step especially if they were to leave a high-salary and high-position job to start everything from scratch. On top of this, there is also the great concern that “What if the business fails to take off, what will happen to me?” Because of the fear and inability to leave a stable job with constant income, most employees just stay put in jobs which they might or might not like to do, so that they wouldn’t have to worry about overheads or crack their heads on how to get export and import license for their products or have any financial risks by borrowing from banks to invest in their own business. All these are stress which comes with being your own boss. In short, an entrepreneur must be passionate about his own business and willing to take the risk to take that courageous step and the plunge.

Today I am going to write about the father of 2 teenage boys, who left his cushy, well-paid and safe job as the Group Financial Controller of a Public-Listed company to set up Win Win Foods Singapore (“WWS”). The Factory of Win Win Foods was established in 2005 in Malaysia but the Singapore Branch which oversees sales and marketing was set up in 2009 and spear-headed by Mr Bernard Lee, Executive Director of WWS.

Mr Bernard Lee left a very well-paying job as the Group Financial Controller of a Public Listed company to run WWS. He is primarly in-charge of the Group ‘s sales and overseas exportation and expansion of the business. From their small and humble beginnings of exporting to only 5 countries, in a short span of 2 years, WWS is exporting their healthy snacks to more than 30 countries on the World Map. Mr Lee is able to do this because he is dedicated and devoted to the business and he is a real entrepreneur. Although the manufacturing plant is in Malaysia, most sales and marketing efforts came from Mr Lee who helms the reins of the Singapore sales office.

To Mr Lee, running a business opens up new challenges and everyday he has to come up with new ideas so as to bring the business to greater heights. He enjoys his current work so much more than the monotonous job which he had for the past 2 decades as a Certified Chartered Accountant and then a Financial Controller. By virtue of  his entrepreneurship and his flaming passion, Mr Lee is able to bring Win Win Foods’ products to many parts of the World including countries which is difficult to penetrate such as Japan and South Korea.

I would recommend Win Win Foods because my 3-year-old son, Caden, can eat so many pieces of their Tomato Potato Crisps. For Caden to even like and endorse a food product is so tough because he is such a fussy eater, but he loves so Win Win Foods’ Potato Crisps, Little Fish Biscuits and Sweet Corn Cracker, just to name a few. Mr Lee is also very concerned about making healthy snacks for the elderly and also for children. He emphasized that they provide a wide range of products that caters to all age groups. However, for children and the elderly, he would recommend their more healthy products like the baked biscuits and also the chocolate wafers which are low in sugar. Currently, Win Win Foods is developing new products for the healthy consumers in particular the elderly and young children where the Ministry of Health would endorse with a healthier choice logo.

As a Singaporean, I feel extremely proud of Win Win Foods. It is by pure determination, sheer grit and dedication to the food business that Singaporean businessman Bernard Lee can helm the reins of a Singapore company and bring it Worldwide to more than 30 countries including Japan and South Korea.

Mr Lee has a great business vision for Win Win Foods. As the Executive Director, he sees that Win Win Foods Group will be a major player and force in the Asia Pacific Region. I believe that with Mr Lee’s expertise and foresight and with quality food products, Win Win Foods Group will definitely soar to greater heights in the food industry.

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