The Garden of Eden

When I first wrote to Aramsa Spa to ask them if I could do a write up on them and the topic was ” How Moms can get away from their hectic lives at home by going to a spa?”, they were very obliging and said that I could write about them. After the call, I was rather skeptical and I wondered how this spa treatment was going to relieve me from all the tension that I have felt all day with 2 screaming young boys, a demanding job and being a good wife to my husband.

Aramsa Spa was very accommodating. I made the appointment on Thursday at 5pm and I was late for about 15 minutes. I went up to the the front desk lady and she appeared a little nervous when I told her that I wanted to take pictures of the spa from the outside but her service was very good.  She explained everything to me carefully and then proceeded to ask me to sign on my health declaration form. After I was finished with the forms, I was led to the changing room. Everything was well-organized, planned and executed. The slippers were put in recycled Kraft paper bags (very eco-friendly) and they were not shoddy hotel slippers but comfortable rubber slippers. The clothes for you to change into which was like a Japanese Yukata was neatly folded and placed in the locker. After I have changed, I was led to this nice and quiet waiting area where they served hot tea and organic biscuits.

My therapist picked me up from the waiting area and guided me straight into a room which defines tranquility, serenity and calmness. For a moment, I thought I was in Bali. My therapist gave me a foot massage with relaxing lavender oil. After she dried my feet, she ushered me to the massage table. She came back with a mixture and gave me a thorough yet soothing scrub. I felt so relaxed and I fell asleep in the middle of my scrub. The therapist woke me up and asked me to go for a bath to get rid of the granules from the scrub. When I bathed, I could feel that my skin had a lot more moisture. It was as if I had a cream bath. The effect of the scrub on the skin was amazing.

After I took my shower, my therapist ushered me back to the massage table and started her massage. She kept asking me if she was massaging too hard or too soft. I gauged and I told her that her massage was fine. Again, I fell asleep and I think I was snoring all the way through the massage. After the massage, she gave me a hydrating facial. There was no painful exfoliation and my face felt supple and taut after the hydrating facial.

The whole Aramsa Signature Spa took about 3 hours, but I had the most relaxing time away from home, which was a 10 minute drive and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This Garden of Eden sells itself by providing one of the best spa experience that I have ever had and cost-wise it was affordable too. I have already booked for another spa session in August.

Overall, I would encourage all SAHM mothers or working mothers to try out the Aramsa Signature Spa.It not only keeps your skin supple, the massage soothes your muscle aches and rejuvenates you, and last but not least the hydrating facial was essential to regain the moisture barrier which we could have lost due to harsh environmental factors or even the harsh skincare or cosmetics which we might have been using daily for work or outings.

Don’t take my word at face value, give it a try and you know what I mean. I am going back for my Lavender Scrub, Boreh Wrap and a rejuvenating facial. I hope to see you there at Aramsa- The Garden Spa or The Garden of Utopia.

Aramsa-The Garden Spa is located at Bishan Park. Just park you car at Bishan Park carpark, turn to your left and walk 2 minutes and you are right at the gateway to Arcadia.

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