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The Korea Hype (about kids)

Mark and I traveled to Seoul in February this year. Of course, I was very excited about the trip. I prepared my mom and my parents-in-law to be on the watch for the helpers and our kids while we went on the trip. After arrival in Seoul, Mark went straight to work and I didn’t see him until late at night. So I went shopping myself during the day to get all my cosmetics, skincare and of course BB Cream. I was so happy shopping in Myeondong and I was pleasantly surprised that every store I went, the staff could understand my Japanese and Mandarin. I didn’t even need an online dictionary which Mark has uploaded for me on my iphone, to get all my stuff at The Faceshop and Etude House. When Mark came back to our hotel after work at night, he was amazed with how much stuff I had bought. The next day, his very nice colleagues brought us out for barbeque and Shoju. I met up with two of his female colleagues, one of whom was a mother and the other one married without kids. One subject led to another, and then we were talking about my kids and my delivery of Charles. I lamented that Caden was a scrawny kid who was fussy with his food and refused milk.  I told them that he was grossly underweight and his pediatrician gave him 6 months to reach the bottom rank of his growth chart. We discussed that I was very worried about Caden and then one of the Korean ladies told me to buy this great Korean ginseng drink for kids. Mark and I decided to buy 2 boxes at the Duty-Free Lotte Shop at Incheon Airport for Caden to try out. After a week of drinking the product, Caden seems to have less reflux and after nearly 2 boxes and 2 months of the drinking product, Caden’s appetite became better and he had little or no reflux. So the best thing that I got on the trip was this Korean Ginseng Drink for Kids. I will posting the products photo with this post. It comes in an easy drink pack and Caden told me it tasted like Ribena. A pack a day and Caden is OK!

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