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Unfinished Business With (My Cereal)

When Charles was down with viral fever last Friday on the 4th of May, he didn’t want his milk or anything and cried a lot. I sent him to his pediatrician at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC). Charles was whining a lot which was unusual for him because he was feeling down and unwell. My helper lamented that he refused his milk and that worries me. Besides the Plum Organic Banana food which I bought and gave him, I got another one more product which I was half-hearted in buying at first at TMC Pharmacy. They had 3 types altogether and I was asking the sales assistant at the Pharmacy which one I should get. Being really well-versed in her product knowledge, she said since Charles was trying the product for the first time, it would be best to buy the plain product without any milk so I decided to get the Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereal (Rice) without any milk which comes in a small green tin and costs about S$5.40. When I came home from TMC, I told my helper to give it to Charles together with his formula milk. The mixture was 4 tablespoons of the Cerelac Rice Cereal and 200ml of formula milk. I am happy to announced that in only a short span of 7 days, Charles has finished both Frisocream Milk Cereal and the Neslac Rice Cereal without milk. I will have to get another 2 cans each product for him. Although I was a little apprehensive about giving Charles the cereal because it stated on the can to give after 6 months and Charles is only 5 months, I remembered seeing a girlfriend giving her baby snacks for babies 7 months and above when her baby was only 6months. With that in mind, I mixed Charles formula milk carefully with the Rice Cereal and gave it to Charles. I did it because Charles needed to drink his milk so that he gets stronger to fight off the virus in his body. Fortunately enough for me. I succeeded and thanks to the ready Plum Organic Banana Baby Food and Nestle Cerelac Rice Cereal and Frisocream Rice Cereal, Charles managed to get a wholesome intake during his viral infection last Friday through to Sunday. I guess the mantra goes that “Whatever foods your baby likes and consumes, that’s the best food for your baby!”

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